V4 Legal work together with multiple international partners and law firms. The partnership with the Chinese law firm JOIUS LAW FIRM is particularly important.

Through our network of international contacts, we can provide our clients with services from our cooperating partners in Germany, Austria, the UK, but also Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltics, Ukraine and Russia.

We collaborate on a regular basis with the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Our lawyers participate in the lectures at the “School of Slovak Law” as lecturers together with leading Slovak academics from Slovak universities. As guest lecturers, we also deliver lectures at Slovak and Czech universities.

As guest lecturers, we also participate in meetings of national and regional lawyers’ associations and various types of conferences and we also give several lecture series on business in the surrounding countries.

At V4 Legal we support and develop the publishing activity of our lawyers, in particular in the form of expert contributions to current legislative topics. We work closely with the Epravo (Slovakia, Czech Republic) portal and with the Radka Prawny (PL) periodical, published by the National Chamber of Legal Advisers (KIRP). We also publish our articles on specialized international legal portals.

More information about the events we take part in and the articles you publish is in our news section.

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