V4 Legal is a modern law firm operating in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. Since it was established in 2008, V4 Legal has been a specialist in cross-border cooperation within the Visegrád Region.

Our advantage is our detailed knowledge of the local specifics of the individual legal systems in the surrounding countries. Our clients therefore have the opportunity to get high-quality services not only in one country, but also to take advantage of legislative benefits in other countries thanks to our knowledge and experience. In cooperation with tax advisors, auditors and accountants belonging to our V4 Group, we offer comprehensive solutions under one roof.

For the lawyers of V4 Legal, the core principles are teamwork and cross-border cooperation between our offices. That is why we are able to prepare cross-border projects as a single advisor in multiple locations at the same time. Our lawyers are primarily focused on advising on commercial law, but we also focus on specific legal areas such as tax law, intellectual property law, energy, transport or criminal law. We also participate in public procurement projects and act as General Counsel when implementing developers’ projects. Many of our specialties are highly rated in the legal profession, and we therefore regularly receive awards in “Law Firm of the Year” award.

In our work, we prefer a creative approach aimed at achieving a specific result. We offer innovative solutions and modern methods of communicating with the client. We offer an alternative to international consultancy corporations; our guarantee is to serve the client in his native language, without the need for interpreters and time-consuming electronic communication. We provide our clients with convenient and, most importantly, efficient access to our services.

V4 Legal is a member of several regional chambers and associations promoting regional cooperation. We support projects aimed at educating university students as well as projects dealing with real experience from practice within the Central European region organized for other professionals.