The European Parliament, after a two-year process, has approved reforms to copyright relating to the internal market in digital services.

The new rules will affect the services provided by platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Google.

On the other hand, service providers such as non-profit online encyclopaedias (e.g., Wikipedia), non-profit platforms for educational and scientific archives, open source software development and pooling platforms, electronic marketplaces and cloud-based business services, and cloud services that enable users to upload content for their own use are excluded from the scope of this new directive.

Publishers of printed publications are given rights by the directive related to the online use of their printed publications by information society service providers. Information society service providers need to conclude licensing agreements with them if they want to share the copyrighted content created by publishers.

The new directive also protects content creators by establishing a rule entitling them to appropriate and proportional remuneration. In addition, there is a system compulsory transparency under which creators should receive regular comprehensive information on the use of their works and artistic performances from the parties to whom they have licensed them.

If you are interested in finding out what other rights or obligations the new directive brings, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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