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Dušan holds a master's degree from Stockholm University in Sweden (LL.M., 2013), a doctoral degree from Charles University in the Czech Republic (JUDr., 2013) and a master's degree from Comenius University in Slovakia (Mgr., 2010). He has also completed several professional training courses, including at the London School of Economics and Political Science (2013) and the University of Cambridge (2015), both in the United Kingdom and Durban University of Technology in South Africa (2014).

He gained his work experience:

  • in Slovakia, working in advocacy, he participated in several of the most important Slovak present-day projects in the field of intellectual property law, covering defence, healthcare, aviation industry and agriculture,
  • in Sweden and the Czech Republic as a technology transfer and intellectual property law professional in the field of particle physics, including one of the largest current research infrastructure projects in Europe,
  • in Belgium, represented the Czech Republic in the largest association of European research centers and universities active in the field of low-carbon energy research, based in Brussels,
  • as an external patent analyst for a company dealing with the creation of professional information databases, based in Brussels.

In addition to intellectual property law, with an emphasis on patent law and trade secret protection, Dušan focuses primarily on chemical regulation, regulation of imports and exports to and from the EU, food regulation and legal issues of advertising.

Significant work experience:

  • complete audits of the compliance of food packaging with national and European legislation, including the assessment of health claims and the assessment of competition law issues,
  • implementation of rules for imports from third countries, including analysis of compliance with the Customs Code and ensuring compliance with national and European rules for virtual manufacturers of sports equipment from Slovakia,
  • setting GDPR conditions for advertising campaigns with a transnational impact,
  • assessing transnational advertising and participating in the negotiation of conditions, including the acquisition of intellectual property rights,
  • comlex management of the portfolio of intellectual property rights in several client projects covering all major economic regions of the world,
  • setting long-term strategies for the protection of intellectual property rights for private and public projects, including addressing the tax implications of exempting intellectual property rights revenues and deducting science and research expenditure,
  • establishment of two functional technology transfer offices and setting up processes with procedures, including administration and management of intellectual property rights.

Language skills: Slovak, Czech, English and German language.

Dušan is a member of the Slovak Bar Association.